28 Weeks Later ★★★½

The shaky cam is obnoxious and some of the production values are pretty shitty (mostly in regards to the CGI), but everything else is pretty solid overall.

Does a good job expanding the scope while isolating it down to a central location, making for a much leaner (and meaner ((seriously this thing is BRUTAL sometimes)) ) follow up to a film (in hindsight I kinda under-rated back last Halloween and I've been meaning to rewatch) that acted as a more interesting take on the Zombie genre.

I'm kinda hit and miss with zombies, but I've always been more of a fan of the kind shown off in these, in that they're quick, strong, and can easily kill you in a moment's instant, plus the red eye effect is awesome too.

Much like a lot of the sequels I've talked about this month, if you liked the first, this is worth giving a shot too. I'll probably do a double feature of these two sometime so I can give the original another shot and maybe write something better than this garbage...

(Honest to god, this marathon has drained me and my senses so if it seems like these reviews are getting worse that's partly why, and I haven't been sleeping properly so when I wake up I only have a limited amount of time left to finish these films properly and write about them so yeah fuck these challenges and I'm glad I've decided not to do this next year)