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  • Rebecca



    yet another proof that hitchcock is always ahead of his time, he invented the psycho lesbian before the world even knew what the trope is

  • Badlands



    this is a good movie. an impressive debut. but i don't understand the "love". also don't really get the "charming psychopath" (not until the last 40 mins at least). but this was beautiful to look at. the idea also is very promising (im serious, this could be something so much more). along with the perfect casting of sissy spacek and the lyrical dialogue. i just failed to connect with it is all. which feels so wrong, cause this sounds like one of my teenage daydreams. anyway, my inner monologue sounds like holly's narration now. weird. so weird.

    that kit scene with the polices was so.. wow.

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  • Memories of My Body

    Memories of My Body



    sebenernya gue mau kasih bintang lima. tapi masih mikir mikir dulu. gue bingung. masih mau ngebiarin perasaan surut dulu. high banget gue terus terang abis nonton ini. terlalu immersed. terlalu kebawa. udah lama sih gak ngerasa kaya gini gara gara film. bisa dibilang puas banget. ini film yang gue bakal sakit hati kalo ada orang yang ga suka. biasanya ga gini padahal. bingung juga mau mulai darimana kalo suruh ngomongin soal ni film. pokoknya kaya…

  • Game Night

    Game Night


    when i logged it in, i had a problem with the stereotypical side characters hence the 3 stars but now i think about how much fun i had (and how funny that bullet scene was) and how brilliant rachel mcadams was and how pure this movie was. comedy doesn't get this way nowadays. just gross over the top sex and or genitalia jokes and people screaming their lines. this definitely deserves better than 3 stars.