The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★★

Brilliant, fucking brilliant !

Defying all laws of reality, a man from the filthy world happens to get in a place which seemingly would be paradise.
The film transcends into a surrealistic realm where a clear and powerful distinction has been drawn on the political darkness of the world.
The riches, the working class, the ones with the power on their hands, the government and every authority responsible for dominating humans in a cultured society has been attacked keeping the satirical elements strong. The entire film is a great satire with the crude darkness on it's absolute.
Not one screen isn't artistic and vibrantly surreal. More often than not the background score is eerie, violent and unsettling.
The film is hard indeed to watch because of it's graphic brutality and dark approach and the society but it has also perfectly retained it's spirituality and philosophical values on existence and the processes of life.

The Holy Mountain is a surreal dark satire with art in it's most explicit form.


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