Local Hero

Local Hero ★★★★★

feels fitting that this is the last movie I’ve watched as a 20 year old. a movie that made me realise all over again how much I love the best parts of my country, how lucky I am to be only a couple hours away from some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, how fortunate I was to be raised in a mostly welcoming and lovely culture. this movie is a celebration of all the best parts of rural Scotland, a Scotland that I know and recognise and cherish. it is a funny, gorgeous and life-affirming movie about the powers of community, the joys of romantic entanglement and dedicated passion, the monstrosities of capitalism and the power of a tremendous moustache. a week ago, I was floating in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the Isle of Arran, feeling like all the weight had been lifted off of my shoulders by the freezing cold water. looking up at the gorgeous skies and examining the landscapes of my favourite Scottish island, I felt a tranquility that I hadn’t felt in over two years. this movie makes that memory even more special. as I head into my 21st year, I am excited to see even more of the country I love, through old and new eyes. to look at the sky, to swim in the ocean, to frolic in the grass and fall asleep under the stars. I am lucky to be here, to be alive.

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