Rumble Fish ★★★★★

better than godfather, better than apocalypse now, better than pretty much every film ever created. the police are violent fascists who kill on sight due to vendettas and hold no pretences of justice. the gangs are gone, heroin is here, the streets are filled with junkies and muggers, alcoholics and kids looking to fight. teen idols soaked in sweat, filled with booze and painted in beautiful black and white. here we have a kid who is caught in the shadow of his brother, abandoned by his mother and struck with an alcoholic father, he wants to live in the past because then he feels like there would have purpose for him, that he could have been like his brother was. he is desperate to become like him in the future, desperate to be someone more than himself. he fucks up friendships, relationships and his own body, trapped within this deadbeat town and the prison of his own mind. and over the course of 90 minutes, coppola constructs one of the most impeccably looking films ever made but also one so ingrained in emotion, one formed by the very fragility and tragedy of human existence, a broken brutal film with broken brutal aimless people that is more empathetic and filled with devastating emotion than just about any work of art. coppola's ultimate film, his finest work

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