Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker ★★★★★

a movie built upon its flaws, the shadow of torn expectations, speculation, the idea of what something should be. this could never appeal to everyone, it might be stupid for even trying to create an image of Star Wars that means something to an entire audience. it has a rushed first half, filled to the brim with flaws and an overactive momentum that tears apart at the seams. it sidelines characters that deserved better, it makes decisions that I wouldn’t have made. I was giving up again, content with the expectations that these movies weren’t for me anymore, that I would be fine with the ones from my childhood and content to give up those new beings for the next generation who needed them now. and then it got me. it got me. within a few moments, it got everything right. it learned how to breathe. it took the time in between chaos to reflect, to prey on my assumed expectations, to make something even remotely beautiful out of the flaws that have been projected upon it. from there on, the flaws, the things that I would have done differently, the image in my head of what Star Wars should be, that didn’t matter. I lost myself to the rhythms, to the beating heart that thumps at the core of a picture I expected to be soulless. by the end of it, I found consolation in my childhood, content that the ending of this branch of the series synced up so perfectly with the final blow of my own experience with youth. we stare off into the horizon, the hybrid of our pasts, the pasts before us, every experience of every being ever to float this universe present within our souls, and the present spirits we are, and dream of the next moments, the next time the sun rises.

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