The 15:17 to Paris

The 15:17 to Paris ★★★★★

fragments of time, the everyday mundanities of existence eventually morphing into something extraordinary, at least for a few brief moments of meaning and violence. the lost generation seeking purpose in the military after a childhood witnessing the soldiers on television and the idealised version of war packaged for children. casting the real people makes the scenes before the train feel real, if not exactly immaculate, and makes the scenes during and after almost impossible to watch due to the amount of feeling on display, overcoming a shared trauma and having control over how you view these moments, how you view your existence. no one else but eastwood could have made this movie in this way, genuinely unlike any other film of its ilk, so many people are gonna despise it but i was mesmerised, not without its faults but something truly special. double feature it with sully for the two sides of heroism, both are doing similar things the opposite way, this is focused about the journey towards the incident, instead of dealing with the emotional repercussions of its aftermath. this isn't as good as sully (and if you didn't like that one; oh boy) but the ambition and emotion on display is staggering, and i think it's genuinely brilliant. loose thoughts since i'm still piecing it all together/just had a meltdown but expect more in depth and structured (this is a stretch) insights later, but like this is so good

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