The Bad Batch ★★★

this movie frequently doesn't work, the visual styling mostly feels like half baked saturated homage and aside from some really brilliant moments (the needle drop in the prologue when carrey's dragging waterhouse through the desert is goddamn beautiful, momoa's intro being the perfect mix of bombastic style and purely visual character work is also tremendous) kinda doesn't really sync up too well. a lot of the metaphors are abrasive and obnoxious, the dream's whole character and the frequent moments of dialogue with references to "the world" or what could have been if things hadn't collapsed makes the whole thing feel preachy and overwrought, when arlen straight up says "i want to be the solution for something" i felt my insides rot. luckily for me this film has keanu who followed that line up with a weird diversion into something almost completely irrelevant while maintaining the somber tone, the man is a legend. and the film does manage to still end up compelling through sheer willpower and utter fucking strangeness. it thankfully never goes to mother levels of tedium, obnoxiousness or atrociousness like it really could have been and ends up as an incredibly flawed half baked sophomore slump with absolute manic nonsense throughout, filled with keanu moustaches and monologues about literal shit and jason momoa as a cuban painter who loves murdering and also his little girl, filled with psychedelic detours and jim carrey as a hermit. sure it's fundamentally wrecked and should have been so much goddamn better but mad max with weird shit and keanu is something irresistible. a first draft that could have become something brilliant, but i liked this a lot more than i disliked it.

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