Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★

makes me sad that this has one of the best cinematic depictions of a meltdown in any movie and it's the fucking hulk who's having it. movie's entertaining, sometimes incredibly funny but mostly streamlined, could have used less plot and more character/absolutely absurd antics and comic scenarios, aka more taika waititi, less kevin feige and has none of the real emotional stakes or impact as say the other two thor movies which despite all their faults, are firmly focused on thor as a character and the relationships with those that matter to him. disappointed there was no real stuff with valkyrie or hulk or even loki, some hints for sure but nothing really substantial. marvel should stop hiring distinctive interesting filmmakers, there's only glimpses of their creativity in the midst of the default template. could have been a whole lot better, kinda disappointed by this tbh, i was really hoping this would be comedic madcap brilliance, it's been a terrible day and i could have used something really special. ah well, it's fun at least

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