Upgrade ★★★★★

altering and essentially destroying disabled bodies to make them fit into society, to give them the power of walking or thinking in a way that they couldn't before, change them entirely. this is a movie where the goal of the antagonists is to remove the humanity of its subjects, to change them from the inside and the out, deconstructing their own identities. provide the hope of walking to someone who just lost their legs, who hasn't been able to adapt, to embrace the new person that they are, and brutalise their mind and soul and use their body as a device to promote future eugenics, leaving nothing but bloody violence and idyllic memories from a time past remaining. this movie does not promote the mutation of disabled bodies into abled ones and honestly it's far more progressive in terms of showing the effect of an abled world on disabled individuals than any bullshit oscar bait tale could ever be. it's heartbreaking but a necessary showcase in what this world wants people like us to be, beings without thought, beings without flaws, just cogs in the repressive society instead of supposed drains on it. this is what people want to do to my mind, sterilise and lobotomise and intrinsically decimate the inner nature of my self, until there's nothing left but a hollow shell of a body, a meaningless vacant void. because to them, being nothing is better than being like me, or like a quadriplegic, or someone mentally ill. i found comfort in this, it made me feel human.

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