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  • Vox Lux

    Vox Lux


    Why didn’t Natalie Portman use this accent for Queen Amidala?

  • Ladybug Ladybug

    Ladybug Ladybug


    I can't decide if this is a very artistic after-school special, or a serious film that fell flat during certain parts. The tone is difficult to distinguish, which I suppose adds to the unsettling atmosphere. I am also unsure if some of the heavy dialogue spoken by the children is just adults trying to voice their opinions through the mouths of babes, or if we really don't give children enough credit for being observant and thoughtful about world affairs.

  • Geostorm



    So this man is just gonna let his 13 year old daughter take a Lyft from rural Florida to the airport with a middle age male driver?! No wonder he built such a shitty space shield that could be hacked by a virus.

  • Girl Shy

    Girl Shy


    The scene with her reflection in the water is probably one of the most romantic shots in early cinema.

  • Of Human Bondage

    Of Human Bondage



  • Five Came Back

    Five Came Back


    “I don’t talk to cops” ACAB

  • Shoplifters



    After Life is easily one of my all time favorite movies, so I walked into this movie with high expectations (though to be totally honest the previews didn’t pique my interest at first). 

    Shoplifters explores a lot of the same themes as After Life - life does not define us, but rather the moments we choose.

  • Bird Box

    Bird Box


    What is more unbelievable? Children under the age of five keeping their blindfolds on the entire time or Malorie being able to still do a smokey eye during the end times?

  • Operation Finale

    Operation Finale


    Protip: during the middle of the movie don’t turn to the only Jew in the room and ask me what my thoughts are on the occupation of the West Bank.

  • Stingaree



    I think for her birthday TCM is showing Irene Dunne movies but I am surprised they picked this one. Granted I’ve only seen one other movie with Dunne (the Awful Truth) but Stingeree doesn’t seem like a movie to really highlight her acting. For more than 2/3rds of the movie it felt more like the movie was moving along the character of Hilda rather than vice versa - the acting felt really phoned in. It isn’t until Hilda finally breaks…

  • From Hell It Came

    From Hell It Came


    None of the writers could decide what would be the main focus of this film so you have it all - typical 1950’s cold war atomic radiation plots, evil spirits, the plague, and scientific experiments gone awry (and over the top conquering of the natives). I still don’t understand how the tobonga actually kills. Does it just...smother you to death? Kill you from fright? I mean, this thing can’t bend its knees, lift its arms, or turn its head so…

  • The Leopard

    The Leopard


    I am also just looking for my own she-worm.