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This review may contain spoilers.

it's the ultimate fantasy movie. the truth of the movie is anyone who's ever been slightly disillusioned with their miserable life has dreamt of this happening to them (either the getting back at the man part, or just venting their anger by bashing other men). the lie is that in the end there is no charismatic tyler durden to spur on a movement because brad pitt is only an actor and durden is a writer's construct (constructed to be an imaginary friend at that). the real world he'd look more like ed norton, he wouldn't be half as confident or charismatic or quirky. in the real world he probably would just be some fascist cultish asshole.

still, fun movie. lot of sweaty guys beating each other. brad pitt is cool as shit. some of fincher's most electric editing. few movies since would dare be as blatantly nihilistic, fascist, masculine while still retaining some humour and craftsmanship.

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