Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★

Star Wars is a lot like The Room. They both share a very passionate fanbase and vocal audience. Being in the crowd for one has an infectious effect on me too; I'm moved sort of sitting there, in spite of my indifference toward the material. My belief that cinema is communal is brought to life at these kinds of screenings.

Shame in both cares the movies themselves are underwhelming.

The Last Jedi is a disappointing movie, even within the confines of the Disney Star Wars milieu. I am kind of dismayed that this particular script from writer-director Rian Johnson has gotten execs so worked up because so much dialogue feels like it was ripped from a screenwriting textbook template, and the movie itself balks at every interesting turn, turning head-first in to every safe, predictable, clichéd route that opens up.

I just want to, for once, feel like evil may actually overcome and succeed in the face of virtue. But nah. I know it's asking too much. However, when you know the movie is going to juke and fake you out at the showing of real stakes, you lose interest real quick. And that's what happened to me - I got bored an hour in and just wanted it to end. To my surprise, the action climax was actually enjoyable, and a visual joy to watch. Too little, too late though.

The best thing about The Last Jedi is Adam Driver's commitment to rage and a Justin Theroux cameo. Also, Porgs. Everything else, meh. Especially the casino subplot that didn't end soon enough.

I can't believe The Force Awakens is now looking like the benchmark for modern Star Wars.

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