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  • Film Never Die

    Film Never Die

    some gem created by the talented students. This is something you shouldn’t miss!

  • Wild Things

    Wild Things

    Bill Murray........

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  • Soul



    Probably one of the best Malaysian horror film I’ve watched in recent years. It has some similarities with Robert Eggers The VVitch, that come up in my mind just now. It didn’t feel like the typical jump-scare BS like previous local Malaysian movies imo. It just chills behind your neck, that works a lot through the movie. The cinematography though, what a stunning shots through in and out. I just don’t know what to express but really I’m fond of…

  • Tenet



    “we live in a twilight world...” Such a beautiful quote. I love every minute of this film, just awe from every shot in it, how Christopher manage to plan out the story in a confusing way. Makan apa sial mamat ni bijok sangat! The execution of the technical side is just mind blowing. Tak surprise pun, its Christopher Nolan. Again, thank you for this movie to exist, im having a crisis atm lol