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  • Tenet


    fuck yeah

  • Legend of the Mountain

    Legend of the Mountain

    Flows so gracefully, hypnotic, captures every sense , feels as though it’s a three hour pipe dream. It calmly breathes to be felt as the story unfolds, a perfectly crafted vibe.

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  • Miami Vice

    Miami Vice


    Neo noir at its most up close, intimate and sensual. Moments are captured with the purest form of compassion, this is Michael Mann completely unleashed, a liberation of his style and sensibilities.  Never distanced, always there; to be felt throughout.

    "Hola chica"
    "Hola chico"

    A billion stars. Time is luck.

  • The Martian

    The Martian

    Some Abba, some Bowie. A little Donald Glover, some science babble, tons of epic control room celebrations. Isolation leading to hope, thinking for survival rather than the typical despair and self pity.

    Tons of fun.