Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

First rewatch since the cinema, and there's something I have to tell you about that evening - and it's not about the Daddy's Home 2 tshirts this time. After The Force Awakens I left the cinema with a friend and we exchanged sentences like this: "I liked that. Yeah. Yeah that was good. Enjoyed that." No complaints. But not much else, either. After going to see The Last Jedi however, the group I'd seen it with were bouncing off the walls. Everyone talking over each other, nobody sitting down. Not one person in the room was calling it a perfect masterpiece, but everyone was excited. TFA is great, but... it's almost TOO neat. It ticks every box. There are technically more things in Last Jedi that I have an issue with, and yet I love it so much more.

As I said in my original review, what I wanted most from TLJ was a deviation from the norm, something to shake the series up and prove the Disney SW universe could deliver something other than a showcase of all the things they'd bought the right to sell toys of. And that's what I got! But I also said I hope they don't panic and run back to the same kind of safety that resulted in the rubbish Solo. Unfortunately Rise of Skywalker looks like it's going to be two and a half hours of "Happy now?"
I may be wrong, though. And I remain optimistic, because I really would be delighted if they stick the landing. I have enjoyed both TFA and TLJ even more on these recent rewatches than on my initial viewing, and if they can make just one more good one - what a trilogy we'd have.

It would be a shame to blow it after two films of great setup... but hey, what could possibly go wrong?
[Palpatine laughs in the distance]
"I've got a bad feeling about this!"

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