Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok

Short review: Great fun.

Rambles: Not just anyone can do a Funny Bit. The amount of shit comedy out there written by people who aren't funny or preformed by people who aren't funny or directed or edited by people who aren't funny is staggering. Too many people think they can just do it. But it's not so simple. Thor has always been fun but this is the first time it's been funny. He smashed mugs in the first one, that was funny but that was about it. Outside GotG practically every Marvel "Funny Bit" has been a clunker. I still wince thinking about any time Iron Man tried to be funny. Fucking chronic. Marvel gags too often feel like a decision has been made to do a Funny Bit, and I can almost feel the box being ticked off as soon as the punchline is delivered. Thor Ragnarok shows what a difference a genuine comedy writer and director makes.
But it's not just laughs!! This film delivers on the spectacle too - aside from a few Kingsman-level greenscreen shots which stand out only because the rest looks so nice.
Everyone does a good job in this and everyone seems to be delighted to have a fun script to work from. The only stuff I wasn't wild about was the ties to the rest of the MCU but the audience seemed to be loving it so what do I know.
Two firsts: This is the first Marvel film I've seen with an actual score, and it's also the first one with a bit that made me go YYYYYYEEEEEEEAAAAHHHHHHHH!

An aside: The marketing absolutely shat the bed with this one. It won't fail to get folk into the cinema but the amount of great surprises it blew is staggering, and all I saw were cinema ads.

Post 10 minute review easter egg: THANOS IS... STILL (!!!) ...COMING!!! STILL...! Honestly why is anyone worried, it seems you could outrun Thanos by walking away from him. He takes fuckin ages to get anywhere.

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