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18. la versión low budget de lady bird.

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  • The Pope's Toilet

    The Pope's Toilet

    la primera vez que escuché nombrar el baño del papa fue cuando me enteré de que las películas no son siempre de hollywood y hasta hoy creo que esa ha sido mi mejor revelación. viva el cine uruguayo que como nosotros mismos es poco pero es bueno❤

  • Beginners



    that's a tree. and cars. another building like this one. people in the building like us, half of them think it's never going to work out, the other half believe in magic. it's like a war between them.

    te amo mike mills

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  • Little Women

    Little Women


    you will be bored of him in two years, but we will be interesting forever.

    it's been two days and i still cannot put into words how this movie made me feel. greta did something so incredibly real and full of life that it would be a crime to call it anything less that "perfect". my sister is my best friend and I cannot think of a better way to honor that kind of relationship than with this movie. the…

  • Literally, Right Before Aaron

    Literally, Right Before Aaron


    how i met your mother, but ted is justin long