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  • Soul



    I knew it from the very beginning this was going to be a movie that I'd love; the movie that I needed to watch in this specifically difficult moment in my life.

    That's why I was postponing watching it and just today I said 'fuck it' and...oh my god, oh my fucking god. What a journey, I feel awoken and lighter, like I've taken a massive weight off my shoulders.

    Idk if my exaggerating or if it's the dope but…

  • Dead Ringers

    Dead Ringers


    Dead Ringers? More like Dead Swingers ahahahaaaa

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  • Godzilla vs. Kong

    Godzilla vs. Kong


    "Who bows to who?"

    The most iconic monsters have finally clashed in the latest film of the monsterverse and...it's actually pretty good. I had a great time with this film.

    It's fun, ooga booga big kaijus fighting go brrrr, and in a way it feels like the massively improved version of King of the Monsters.

    The film looks amazing, the fights are more brutal and dynamic and the humans are just there to provide us context, to do the talking…

  • Jaws



    - What Am I Gonna' Tell The Kids?
    - Tell 'Em I'm Going Fishing

    Jaws is regarded as the first summer blockbuster and rightfully so, it is an everlasting film that to this day is tense, exciting and clever like few modern blockbusters are.

    With such a simple premise, a killer shark wrecking havoc on a local beach; I did not expect the film to be this good, but Benchley's and Gottlieb's writing in tandem with Spielberg's direction elevate the…