Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★★

Reliving the dream.

Call Me By Your Name seems like it cannot be reality. Everything just seems too perfect; the sights, the emotions, the sounds that echo through the halls. Scenes occur and then are cut off suddenly, like thoughts in an overexcited mind. Music begins and goes away, but sometimes it lingers; sometimes it repeats in similar situations, but it only runs through your head when there's nothing else to focus on but the emotion. This magical summer in France can't exist, right? Call Me By Your Name is the tale of the prince who couldn't speak; it's a fairy tale, a story of magic and love and adventure. Could we live lives like this? Could we live perfect dreams?

I ask this because you already know the answer. Yes, there will always be perfect moments in life; sometimes it is the dream. Even though dreams must eventually end, the good ones, the important ones, will stick with you. Sometimes that dream is your motivation to get through the day; sometimes it's your inspiration for creation. But they never stay the same as they were when you first experienced them; the impact lessens, details go missing. In this way dreams are identical to memories, which explains why they can get confused sometimes. Dreams can have emotion that beats memories, in some cases. They can be the life you wish you lead, they could be your freedom from munanity.

I think it's important to remember what gives you the strongest feelings, because life can give you so many experiences you just feel numb to; moments you feel like you're just wasting away. I've been in that place for the last couple weeks or so, and it's a hard feeling to shake off if life keeps knocking you down without giving you time to get up. Watching Call Me By Your Name again reminded me that even though all dreams end, eventually you'll go to sleep again. Maybe it won't be soon (you'll need to endure another day of tedium to get there, possibly), but it will happen. You can live your perfect life in comfort for a few hours. Don't forget though, that life can sometimes be that perfect dream. You'll never be able to predict it; life likes to sneak up on you. Just make sure you're ready to take it all in when it comes, because these dreams called life don't come around very often. Whether it's the perfect summer you never expected, or just a moment where everything seems to come together just for you, life makes great things happen. You just have to look out for them.

"I remember everything."

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