Climax ★★★★½

You'll Cowards Don't Even Smoke Crack - Viper

Intense camp? I'm gonna call this intense camp; it has the social aspect of any goofy ass horror movie ("what the fuck? are they just gonna keep going? alright"), combined with direction that wants to hold you down and kick the shit out of you repeatedly. Part of me wants to call it the new Suspiria (old Suspiria that is), but I don't know if it's creative enough for that. In terms of pacing and direction, both are top notch, dragging the viewer into a weird, beautiful hell. Both also have a pride for where they came from, Suspiria being the definitive unabashedly Italian crazy horror movie and this just blasting French culture at you 24/7, it's great at really adds to the atmosphere of both? Like the dubbing in Suspiria draws you in and makes you curious what bizarro world you've stepped into, while the BLARING French techno here makes it so you can't escape Noe's wacky hell, not that I really wanted to anyway.

This seems like the kind of movie that's gonna attract people like...Gaspar Noe, actually, but like the ones who act like him without the talent of him. People who are gonna take this way too seriously when it's just camp! It's camp man, all these characters ain't shit and it knows that! I will say though, this shit is technically astonishing, from the actors to the camera movement to the sound design (my ears came), everything about this just comes together to suck you in. Like even the acting, which blew my mind with how everyone really seemed high as shit, wasn't too distracting or flashy about it. This all felt natural, which might have been the most offsetting part of all this. It's just a party, like one I'm sure many of you have been to, but turned up to 11,000,000. It feels real in its absurdity, like the perfect storm of complete idiots and hard drugs could really do this. I'd say the transition into the end takes you out of the vibe a little too hard (only to pull you back in for the last shot? not cool Noe) but right now that's really all I got. I can't tell if I want to show this to all my friends or none of them. That's my definition of intense camp, I guess. Horror movies are great.