Midsommar ★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

makes me feel like shit every time, I never want to watch it again after each watch, but as the weeks go by I kinda warm up to it. I think it's just the dance scene, which is leagues more emotional and powerful than anything else here, and some really killer lines, but I don't know. I watched the directors cut hoping some of the good stuff got more fleshed out but other than one big fight scene it's all about the essay pissing contest between Christian and Josh, which is a weird thing to focus on. Midsommar is good at bits but mostly just triggers shit for me about abusive relationships and, unlike Hereditary and grief, has nothing to offer for doing so. There's one scene of escape, of catharsis, where the world spins around and around and nothing in it matters, and then we're dragged back into the pits of despair. I don't find the end satisfying because to get there the movie has to rape the bad guy to cause him to burn, which is a really bizarre way for the movie to get to Dani's ultimatum? Everything else he does in the movie is dogshit and you want him to bite it, but the final straw is when he gets a drugged drink and is lead on by a whole community of people? It's nasty for no reason, I cannot fathom that decision, I thought the literal crisis I had the first time watching this was just it being effective but now I realize the movie was just being vile without purpose. I can't stop thinking about bits of it but I also want it to go away. The abusive ex of movies.

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