The Social Network ★★★★★

First Social Network watch of the new year!! I could watch only this forever and be perfectly fine with that.

On this watch I ended up focusing a lot more on the tragedy of being pushed from adolescence into adulthood like Zuckerberg is here; here’s a man who’s journey to becoming a billionaire started with some immature reactions to getting dumped, a guy who makes petty decision after petty decision along the way, someone who ends up losing his best and only friend because of an unwillingness to accept that he isn’t perfect. Mark Zuckerberg was a kid when he started Facebook, a college student, and someone who never really understood consequence. Imagine being in charge of a company making millions a day while still developing, learning about life, learning about relationships. It’s overwhelming, and so while on the first sight Mark looks like an asshole, he’s just...a kid. Kids say stupid stuff, they’re insensitive, they don’t understand everything. No one expects them to.

Well, no one should expect them to, at least. 

So when the movie ends with the words “Mark Zuckerberg is the world’s youngest billionaire?” I cried. Because that’s the perfect way to sum up him through this movie (along with the action of him friending Erika on Facebook at the end, which always gets me because of the loneliness). He’s young. He’s a genius, but he’s dumb, because he’s young. And that’s not his fault, that’s just how the brain works! You make dumb decisions, ones you can’t fix, but that’s fine. You’re trying, you’re trying in a world of hurt, and that’s all that matters. Move onwards.

Just because it’s trite, doesn’t mean it’s not true.

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