• Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces

    Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces

    they shoulda kept the wood scene in

  • The Five Devils

    The Five Devils


    killer!!! gorgeous, i love weird child POV type stories with a cosmic twist, and it’s cool when filmmakers remember smell is one of the senses too. more movies should be about the universe weighing the pros and cons of bisexuality

  • The Game

    The Game


    insane (maybe perfect?) movie to watch after spending over a month producing a short film

  • A Star Is Born

    A Star Is Born


    definitely looks (and most importantly behaves, in a way we get far too rarely these days) like a Real Hollywood Movie but also like every top 40 music video from 2016? i mean that in the best possible way. easily the most successful contemporary hollywood picture from the 2010’s at least, few movies today bother to be this charming! give us an adult drama like this at least once a year and film will last another century easy. at worst,…

  • Dumb Money

    Dumb Money


    i would have probably written something like “more like Dumb Movie” if this was actually bad, which it’s not—its got a lot of good performances and attempts to establish visual aesthetics for the pandemic and online culture on film, which is noble. but the more important reason i’m not writing that review is because we got a goddamn weapons grade Wii U spotting everyone!!!! holy hell is this the first in cinema history???? probably not but damn. let me set the…

  • You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah

    You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah


    smiled with my friends :)

  • Good Will Hunting

    Good Will Hunting


    simple but hits like a bullet. van sant one of the all time great directors of intimacy, minnie driver my goat we need her ass back in multiplexes

  • Magic Mike XXL

    Magic Mike XXL


    screened for over 10 people. those who did not instinctively get it will understand eventually

  • Fantastic Four

    Fantastic Four


    portishead mentioned!!!!!!!!!

  • Jurassic Park

    Jurassic Park


    one of the best movies ever made about hollywoods’ ability to turn all innovation and wonder into mindless consumerism and horrific labor violations. it also has a big triceratops puppet

  • Boogie Nights

    Boogie Nights


    forgot that rollergirl was my goat. very pleasant to return to this like 7 years after i last saw it

  • Thirst



    i was really digging this and then the last half had so, SO much water. wet vampires for life