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  • Walker



    After watching Walker, it's not a surprise that this was a box office disappointment, with a domestic gross of $257,043. This is going for a very narrow audience from minute one. Plus, from what I can tell in the culture at the time, America loved Reagan and we didn't dare question out government or its actions or else, you should move to France. So it makes sense that it took a British director to handle this issue. You can tell…

  • King Creole

    King Creole


    For someone who's never seen any Elvis movies, this is a pretty solid start. Despite this one being somewhat of a musical, it leaves more of an impression as a coming of age story in the vein of Rebel Without a Cause with more film noir elements in it. Even Elvis acquits himself well and is believable enough in the role. Well, it's not so much that he disappears into the role (it's Elvis so obviously, it's hard to separate)…

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  • American Wedding

    American Wedding


    Stifler feels like the family dog in this one. Even though this is the wedding of Jim and Michelle, Stifler is the main focus of all the conflict that occurs. And everyone's like "Stifler, stop ruining the wedding." Crazy they couldn't find a way to fit Oz into this because he was a very important part of the crew in the previous two. I mean, I guess by 2, there wasn't a lot to do with him so I get…

  • American Pie 2

    American Pie 2


    The most I remember enjoying about this series is thinking every Stifler line killed for me the few times I saw it as a teen. I still remain he's still one of the best parts here. He, Jim's Dad, and Michelle. Also maybe also the one dad from Home Alone 3 who pops up during the big walkie talkie scene who gets too excited during his barbecue. Jim's Dad maybe has the funniest scene in the hospital later on. And…

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  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


    Very surprised by how much I enjoyed this movie as a lot of animated movies are hard to really win me over. A lot are okay but most are mediocre and more than happy to play to the cheap seats. This works on so many levels. It's intense, action packed, funny, suspenseful, exciting, unique, and a lot of other words that could be used to describe how good it is. I love how much it's willing to play with the…

  • Isle of Dogs

    Isle of Dogs


    I really liked it. The animation is well done and I enjoyed a lot of the actors doing the voice work. It doesn't have the emotional depth that I feel like a lot of Wes Anderson's other movies have but that doesn't make it any less entertaining. It was something different from him, which I appreciated. The story is very simple but it works very well for what the movie is trying to accomplish. In a way, it feels very…