Parasite ★★★★★

I went into this thinking there's a chance that it'll disappoint because there was too much hype. There's no way that it'll live up to the super positive reactions. But somehow it did. I knew this was a movie that would comment on class divides. I just didn't expect for this to somewhat scratch the Patriot/Perpetual Grace, LTD itch I had. It's absurd at times yet it occasionally has a big heart. The things that happen here are so out there at times that it's almost like a waking dream or nightmare. I was surprised when the dad from the poor family actually seemed to love his kids because knowing the kinds of people they were, a filmmaker could make him this hard edged, no nonsense type. I've seen movies do that yet it's not that simple. No one character was particularly likable, but I sometimes could see where they were coming from. You sometimes end up flipping sides on some of them. The movie never makes it easier on who you're supposed to root for and so I decided on no one. It's so involving that you have this urge to see how things resolve. You think it'll go one way but then it goes another. I think this is the most fun I had watching a movie in a while. This might be my new favorite movie of 2019, even though I saw it in 2020. It's amazing how it manages to grab you and keep your attention from beginning to end.

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