Annabelle ★★

I can honestly say I'm not disappointed with "Annabelle" because this was exactly what he saw coming, just knowing that they would not be present Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson I was enough to eliminate any expectation you may have other that is really hard to cause the impact achievement "The Conjuring", insist that horror movies that most hope for this year include "The Green Inferno", "Rec 4" and "Deliver us from evil" latter as is well known to me turned out to be a disappointment I hope the other two are not.

I think just knowing that he was in imminent failure helped me tolerate the film as I watched many times come to think that instead of being a sequel to "The Conjuring" seemed more the third installment of "Insidious". I am sincere in saying that was not bored with this film but it is quite depressing in the sense that it provides absolutely nothing in any way or even excel in some aspect, is able frustrated with how simple it is "Annabelle" although it is fairly tolerable, I think the real horror of this film is that when it ends and you realize you wasted your money and that however much you try you will not find a positive.

I know I always say it depends on the tastes of each person but in this case I really can not believe that someone finds this entertaining sequel or at least a film worth watching. Not long ago I read an article that was based on the riots that have been in theaters in several cities in France in which the film is projected, the article said that he is as young people in the horror genre their own personal fears and certain situations or at least that was what it implied the article, in my opinion based on that point I think the staff fear that shows us in "Annabelle" is to be so fucking simple person who does not have no purpose in life, the best advice I could give you is to avoid this movie at all costs.

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