Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

“In another life, I would have really liked just doing laundry and taxes with you.”

Well, the time has come. Everything Everywhere All At Once was a film I had been wanting to see upon its trailers release, who knew when it would come out, it would be my absolute top priority movie. The amount of praise this film got through it's (continuing) run was incredible. Based off everyone's thoughts, I knew it wouldn't disappoint, and of course it didn't. This film is absolutely fantastic. While I wouldn't necessarily consider it the “best movie ever made” like some people do, I absolutely loved everything that was showcased. What a great idea, executed to near perfection.

This movie had an already interesting concept, with a great ensemble cast, but I didn't expect to resonate with the characters on such a level. The theater was almost empty (it was me, my sister and like three other people) but at the end of the movie, everyone clapped. I guess it touched us all, but unexpectedly so. If you didn't know, I love sci-fi, it is my absolute favourite genre. A movie like Blade Runner 2049 is why I love those types of movies, but here we have something completely different yet still lies in the same genre. It's a mix of genres yes, but the entire multiverse plot, which is what the movie is centered on is sci-fi. The blend of that, the action and comedy are perfect. I loved the sequences of action so much. It was a throwback, yet also new. It's like The Matrix of this generation. So complex, and I loved it. The comedy surprisingly worked so well. It was absolutely hilarious. Some scenes were funny with an intention, some not. I guess that's what makes it great. The scene with the two rocks had me laughing quite a bit and I don't know why. It manages to make you consecutively sad and happy at the same time, which is an achievement for sure. Part of that is due to the fact that this movie is actually funny. It's not trying to be, it is.

The performances were great. Michelle Yeoh delivers a great set of acting as our lead. She was perfect for the role. Ke Huy Quan's performance was one of the highlights. He was just a loveable, funny character who was a treat to watch. Although, of course, I take Alpha-Waymond very seriously. Stephanie Hsu was fine. I don't know why but I expected more from her performance. Apparently she was like the absolute best part of the movie but I'd hate to disagree. Still, she delivered a moderately great performance, and I did enjoy her screen time (kinda). Another great actor here was Jamie Lee Curtis, who played the auditor, very funny character and well played. Everyone basically gave amazing performances, ultimately giving the movie the tag. The score and music were good choices, and the visuals were really interesting. So technically, this movie slaps.

Maybe I have some slight flaws. The pacing was a bit iffy, I loved what I saw but I found it going on for too long at one point. Although the last part was great. It concluded the film very well. Also not to mention the mild problem with Stephanie Hsu. So yeah, this movie is flawed, but still a masterpiece.

It deserves the hype, it absolutely does, and I'm so glad I saw it. I'm having a rough time right now, I actually have three tests due this week but I instead decided to spend my Sunday afternoon watching Everything Everywhere All At Once. That is a decision I do not regret. I will be busy this entire month, and I'd also consider myself lucky if I even see Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness. This movie was fun, emotionally resonant, and most of all, it was indeed everything everywhere all at once. Yes, it lived up to its title. Other than me just needing a movie to watch, a great one, visiting the theaters are always great. Definitely see this movie in a theater if you can! I would consider it a theater-movie. Overall, it is a near masterpiece. One that will stick with me for a while. A great one. I'm glad to report that I genuinely actually liked a movie for once. An original movie, which came out of absolutely nowhere manages to top some of the best movies ever made. I guess that's what cinema is all about. Definitely one of the best theater experiences I've ever had. So much fun, I loved the vibe of the movie and as soon as I saw the A24 logo, the mood changed. I knew it was gonna be great. I just got too excited. What an experience indeed. Absolutely crazy movie, loved every minute of it.

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