2046 ★★★★½

What mind-bending plot structure, what heartbreaking yearning, what beautiful cinematography. Another indelible experience from Wong Kar-Wai, this time continuing the story of In the Mood for Love (they're all favorites, but especially ITMFL) incorporating Chow's actual writing into the narrative, jumping around in time and mind.

When I think about films about yearning, I think about the loneliness, the unrequited love, the self-repression. This has all of that, divided into vignettes and arcs showing the heartbreak of Chow, the two Su Li-zhens, and Wang Jie-wen as they all suffer for love. It just really makes you ache.

I'd like to get back to this film soon as the structure was really challenging, but also just because I'd love to experience it once again.

March Around the World 2021 | Nation #8: Hong Kong

Note: I'm counting this for my 2021 criterion challenge, but I did not watch the Janus/Wong Kar-Wai remaster, I watched whatever version they have on prime.

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