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  • Jackass 3D

    Jackass 3D

    Humanity bottoms out.

  • The Little Hours

    The Little Hours


    I was really tired this afternoon and stuck a movie on hoping I'd nod off. Instead I sat giggling at this for 90 minutes and then fell asleep. I blame Kate Micucci. The set up is basically just nuns behaving badly but there was enough to it for me to enjoy myself. Micucci in particular as a donkey obsessed (in a good way) nutcase who is driven insane by her misbehaving nun mates. John Offerman's dry delivery in a smaller role is also worth a look. Be warned it is fairly puerile though.

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  • Kangaroo Jack

    Kangaroo Jack

    I saw this because I'm watching every Walken film.

    A few years ago I was diagnosed with a skin problem that was later confirmed, via tests, to be MRSA. In order to stop it from spreading the doctor cut my leg open with a scalpel on local anesthetic. He removed a chunk of flesh and then dug out the area underneath, which didn't feel numb from my perspective. Then they packed the wound with cotton wool to make sure it…

  • Demolition Man

    Demolition Man


    Before Quentin Tarantino finally laid the 80s to rest with a barrage of new wave violence (Pulp Fiction, True Romance, Reservoir Dogs, Natural Born Killers) it had one final hurrah in the form of Demolition Man. It's one of the most typical 80s movies ever made, albeit 4 years late, with both hero and villain quipping back and forth like one-liners are going out of fashion. Given that it is a typical 80s movie it's too lightweight and the potential…