Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★

I got this from Lovefilm in September. It's literally been sat on the bottom of a pile of horror movies for more than a month. I'm kinda glad October is over because I was starting to get very burned out on the horror genre, having watched over 40 horror movies recently. Inside Llewyn Davis is just the change of pace I needed. It's not one of my favourite Coen brothers films, although that may change with repeated viewing, but it's loaded with nice touches. While I'm not a big folk fan, I really enjoyed the music. The opening track, which also plays on the title menu, got stuck right in my head and I found the mesmerising menu playing on repeat for nearly half an hour before I got started. But Llewyn Davis isn't really about music as it is a character study. Llewyn doesn't often come across as likeable but it's credit to Oscar Isaac, in a career defining performance, that the film never drags because of that.

Also enjoyed: John Goodman's "you'll like this one" long and rambling stories, the cat (both of them), both times at the Gaslight, the sessions musicians and, of course, Carey Mulligan.

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