Jaws ★★★★

Ok, so I REALLY liked Jaws. I think it sets itself on the mountain top of perfecting every aspect of filmmaking. But quite frankly enough, I also kinda think it’s not doing enough. I guess to me, it’s just not that interesting. It think it’s missing this one final push for me to like it even more. But even I can admit it’s still insanely well made. It’s a C grade story that’s done in such mastery. It’s that good, to the point that it becomes the standard for the everyday blockbusters. Jaws is a fun adventure movie about killing a monster, elevated greatly by character interaction. 

The movie presents problems as systems of information discussed and confronted by characters' action choices. They respond to what the villain is doing by learning more and dealing with the problems. The full realization of this mixed with the great technical work both on the camera and behind the scenes make for such a great movie. It truly captures the essence of a good thriller. To me, I think Jaws is the perfect example of a film that perfectly combines art house and the blockbuster formula.

One of my pet peeves when criticizing the film is when people attack it for how fake the sharks look. Excluding the context of the film, yes, the sharks are as fake as Kim Kardashian’s body. But, within the context of the film, the shark FEELS like a shark once we’ve reached the 4 min encounter with it. And with the help of expert angle photography, it’s all done really well. I know this isn’t really a big part of the film, but I still think it was worth mentioning

Overall, just a flat out amazing film. It may not duly align with everything I WANTED, but it does the best it NEEDS. Also, I’m quite thankful for the film actually. Without this, we probably wouldn’t have Star Wars or any other big impactful blockbusters

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