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  • La Dolce Vita
  • I Am Cuba
  • The Conformist

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  • Aftersun



    It was written on your face,
    Half-hidden half the time,
    And on your back, though it was hard to read.
    The word was so simple we learned it in school
    But my heart did not know what it meant.
    It was too young to talk earnestly to yours,
    Too lost choosing the colors you’ve already lost,
    But the last thing you wanted was for me to know.

    I held my camera to keep these moments
    When we were young…

  • Vertigo



    ⬇️ 92/100
    Previous two viewings: 97/100 | Previous Review

    Only one is a wanderer. Two together are always going somewhere.

    They really took "everything reminds me of her" to another level, huh — a cinematic masterpiece, that is. God, the poor women in this film. A random revisit on my part; character studies of men burdened with trauma of some sort pursuing a mystery or mission has been in fashion (a nod to how well-dressed they are?) if you take…

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  • Fallen Angels

    Fallen Angels


    A strange, powerful feeling washed over me during a trip from the airport once a few years ago. Slumped in the car’s backseat, hot air sinking in my skin, a slow song playing through my earphones blocking out the rest of the world, I looked out the window like a tired ghost. It was dark outside; it was neither day nor night. The grimy, virtually vacant highways of the metro were only illuminated by the sterile white glow from…

  • Godzilla vs. Kong

    Godzilla vs. Kong


    This amusement park ride was pretty amusing indeed; my cup of shallow entertainment coffee. Towering ancient monsters fighting for some reason and somehow people are actually invested. My brain was partially-asleep so you could count me in. Godzilla vs. Kong is pure spectacle and it knows it is, delivering stylish and action-packed kaiju battles worth the wait for its fans. It gives the people what they want for most of it and you just love to see it.