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In 2008 Zé Do Caixão returned to screens in Embodiment of Evil, the official third film in the ‘Coffin Joe Trilogy’ which began with At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul in 1964 and continued with This Night I’ll Possess Your Corpse in 1967.

Released from the Mental Health Wing of São Paulo State Penitentiary after forty years, the sadistic undertaker is back on the streets, haunted by ghostly visions and spirits of past victims but still set upon the goal…

In Hallucinations of a Deranged Mind a psychiatric doctor driven to insanity by nightmare visions of Zé do Caixão trying to steal his wife, is helped by colleagues who enlist Zé’s creator José Mojica Marins to convince the patient that Zé does not exist, but all is not as it seems.

In Hellish Flesh, writer and director José Mojica Marins stars as Dr. George Medeiros; a brilliant scientist but neglectful husband, whose wife takes a lover and plans to murder George for his fortune. When the plot fails, the doctor is badly disfigured and after months in hospital, he returns with nothing in mind but revenge.

In The Strange Hostel of Naked Pleasures, José Mojica Marins stars as the mysterious proprietor of an isolated guest house where, on a dark and stormy night, an eclectic group of strangers seek shelter. Is the proprietor Zé Do Caixão? Why do all the guests’ watches freeze at midnight? Is the hostel even real? Only time will tell!

Immerse yourself in the satire, depravity and carnivalesque horrors of José Mojica Marins.

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my favorite of these joyce docs, mostly because i could listen to tarantino talk all day. if he just wants to become a full time podcaster i'd be ok with that.

my first introduction to hellraiser series and I thought how it was video game instead of a puzzle is very interesting I knew that the series had a puzzle and I seen the first one after this one they were in a marathon together but yeah this one's good.

The most heartwarming and charismatic group of trash film cast recollections you will ever watch. This documentary oozes charm and these people genuinely seem to have loved the time they spent together. Watch this if you are ever feeling blue. It will warm your cockles.