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Explore an icon of American cinema in Paul Joyce's documentary on one of the most beguiling screen presences to have ever lived on screen.

Discover SCREAMERS, the alternate US version of 1979 Italian monster movie ISLAND OF THE FISHMEN from cult director Sergio Martino on ARROW.

Half man, half wolf, total terror!

Uncover the world of werewolves on ARROW.

Angela Mao returns in HAPKIDO with vengeance and kung-fu.

A huge hit with Western audiences on its initial release, the sequel to LADY WHIRLWIND offers up even more pulsating fight sequences than its predecessor.

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The Endless

The Endless


Needs to be seen multiple times to be truly appreciated
So many details sink into the beginning and midsection that'll only become clear after the ending
Truly the best cosmic horror movie I've ever seen




Angela killing it. Great choreography by Sammo. Simple plot. Great movie!

I can’t believe Robert Eggers copied this masterpiece to make Lighthouse (2019).

Paul Joyce's documentary covers the end of the 1960s and the start of the 1970s when Hollywood was invaded by young hippies who wanted to change how movies were made.

EASY RIDERS, RAGING BULLS is without question the best documentary on this subject but it's important to remember that Joyce's film was released first so it is quite interesting in its own ways. The documentary covers the period between EASY RIDER and the eventual fall of these filmmakers when the…