Annette ★★

My gut punch of Annette is like at first 15-20 mins I was enthralled by how cinematic it is and engimatic the visual storytelling. It is just and then going over to it, it's just a messy, over ambitious, not engaging and kind of boring. The same thing I had for The Holy Motors where it had an incredible concept that has an originality to it but when we watch the movie, it felt like "ok, weird and strange. Kind of bland as well" which I can totally understand why it is loved by everybody. Here, it is the same thing that it has a bizarre moment but felt too ambiguous and far-fetched.

I haven't seen any old Leos Carax movies (which I'm excited for Mauvais Sang and Lovers On The Bridge) but it is true he's kind of a hit or miss for me personally. Again, it has an orginal concept but the execution felt flat and not convincing at all. I thoroughly missed lot of points as well because it was an underwhelming experience for me personally. The music is really terrific and probably my favorite score of this year. The lyrics is often times hilarious both intentionally and unintentionally and often times sad as well. It is truly a remarkable achievement from Sparks and I'm hoping to get a nomination from any acclaimed awards. The visuals has some pretty weird looking shots that sometimes strikes me and sometimes did not.

Adam Driver has been a killer when it comes to any movies he played from what I've seen. Marriage Story, Paterson, Frances Ha, Blackkklansman, Inside Llewyn Davis, Silence and this and I just can't believe he hasn't won any Oscars yet. He knew how to play characters so well and believed the role that he can play just like we have seen Marriage Story. He's truly a master of acting in current era. Marion Cotillard is also pretty good as usual. Surprisingly, Simon Helberg did an enjoyable and lovable character he played and I was just rooting for him other than Adam Driver's character and Cotillard's character. He's really impressive playing this type of roles.

I'm sure I'm gonna like the film for the repeating viewings but my final thoughts of the film is pretty mixed bag considering how bland and boring it was. I agree it was weird, bizarre and interesting to watch but it is not for me. Can't wait to see Carax's older ones and I'm sure I'm gonna like Mauvais Sang and Lovers on the Bridge.


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