Nope ★★★★

NOPE is something what I call Jordan Peele's most uncoventional and courageously original with the attempt that is never seen for the modern commercialized audience before. It is very unanswered for the most point because right from the start, you get this very horrifying and bloody sequence that is very cerebral to displease the audience. It's because of Peele's vision of crafting such unnerving sequence makes right from the start to the end makes an exciting watch for yet another great Jordan Peele film.

Jordan Peele's direction is fascinating and surprised with so much of passion and his love for horror movies in general. The plot always thickens when the right time of the tension comes and rightfully so, it very well did with such rich and exquisite direction. What's also impressive about NOPE is that the details amongst the film. Whether it's isolation, character's psyche, trickeries is absolutely on point. Even the clouds on this film also tells how terrifying it looks. It's also Peele's visually stunning film to date and it's not surprise that Hoyte van Hoytema did all of the work behind the camera. He knows something to create this unnerving, isolated area on this planet yet somehow made it beautiful.

Keke Palmer has done a wonderful job with her character that is very intriguing with so much of personality in her and added lot of humor that is very entertaining along with Daniel Kaluuya done a good job with both added a really amazing brother-sister relationship perfectly. Steven Yeun's role is short yet pretty impressive.

NOPE is a Peele's ambitious work to date. It's possibly his darkest yet a terrific piece of filmmaking that remarkably worked with Peele's vision. From a stunning and symbolic visuals, sharp sound design and the freakish terrifying sequences that is done with a great deal of claustrophobia.


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