• Mukundan Unni Associates™

    Mukundan Unni Associates™


    When it comes to the character films in Malayalam cinema, it fairly to say they contained with such bold, innovative and darkly rich written character driven and this film is not at all a surprise for that. To be frank, I was not at all excited at first because the trailer did not satisfy me and thinking this could be another cliched dark comedy Malayalam movie. Boy, how wrong am I, so that director could trick you think that (at…

  • Gold



    Alphonse Puthren is back within a span of 7 long years ago since he made Premam, which arguably one of the most influential Malayalam cinema ever or probably in Indian cinema for sure. The movie has gained so much of pop culture that most people are addicted to wear 'mundu'. Jokes asides, Premam was indeed one of the most beautiful things that happened in the industry with lot of the humor, characters that are so memorable along with the scenes…

  • What Is a Woman?

    What Is a Woman?

    The fact that Letterboxd hidden the review of this documentary is really funny.

    P.S: Haven't seen it yet lol.

  • Rorschach



    When this movie's first poster released, I had nothing but doubtful of how the movie comes out (which needs to be said in every posters they released). Of course, it's a Mammootty film but you have to know that every great actors have duds in their career. So, obviously you have to go in the mind headed space to go to the theaters and turns out to my absolute surprise that I enjoyed the film.

    Malayalam films has a fair…

  • Athena



    Athena is truly one of those movies that I really need to watch prior to what the hype is all about. Naturally it might stick out to a sore thumb whether the film did not deliver my own expectations or not. What I got from the movie is the insane 10 mins one shot opening sequence that is so gripping, powerful, crushing and strengthening piece of filmmaking that thoroughly surprised the heck out of me how impressive the filmmaking is.…

  • Adipurush



  • Bodies Bodies Bodies

    Bodies Bodies Bodies


    To think about this film being such a highly regard in the most surprising way possible is quite literal because oh my god this is genuinely the most surprising things I have seen of the year so far.

    I would say this, the trailer really did the dirty work. I know it is produced by A24 and will say 'It is A24 so you should expect something really damn great' and I agree for sure because it is damn good…

  • Sita Ramam

    Sita Ramam


    You know what, I reduced to minus half a star just because of how Muslim characters (specially Pakistan characters) are speaking South language with no evident reason. Other than, I still stand by those words when I first reviewed it.


  • Nope



    NOPE is something what I call Jordan Peele's most uncoventional and courageously original with the attempt that is never seen for the modern commercialized audience before. It is very unanswered for the most point because right from the start, you get this very horrifying and bloody sequence that is very cerebral to displease the audience. It's because of Peele's vision of crafting such unnerving sequence makes right from the start to the end makes an exciting watch for yet another…

  • Thallumaala



    Thallumaala is no matter what relies on the high filled action packed fun film that Khalid Rahman broke all the rules of "mass masala" film and gave what we saw as a zany, challenging, high filled action packed with fun written all over it and I loved it.

    There is no denying that it's a basic story that you saw but what both the director Khalid Rahman and the writer Mu.Ri (aka Muhsin Parari) wants to see the audience as…

  • Sita Ramam

    Sita Ramam


    I think we all know that the romance genre has been a lackluster in many ways and some directors don't know how much romantic films works as a very sincere yet heartfelt romance film but after watching Sita Ramam, I never felt this heartfelt, sincere and heartbroken ever before. Of course, before going into the film itself, my skepticism has been pretty high whether the film is critically successful in nature and don't exceed that expectations. Obviously, I stand by…

  • Malayankunju



    Malayankunju has always been up in my radar as my most anticipated movies of the year. As you can tell that this is a survival film this is done pretty well in Malayalam cinema in the likes of Malootty and Helen but despite seeing the name of Mahesh Narayanan in the mix as a writer of the film, maybe you can tell it could be a good film of doing a claustrophobic film like this one for sure. After watching…