• Puzhu



    One thing I will say is that Puzhu is a fragile yet nuanced character study about a man who's coping up with lot of flaws in his entire life and how he coping with lot of claustrophobic elements. It is deeply uncomfortable experience that you cannot even deny whether you feel the dread of intensity and what was going to happen in this movie. It talks about many things that tackles the subjectivity of the film like societal issues, prejudicism,…

  • Amygdala



    For a zero budget short film like this, I can definitely say it's pretty good directed film by a pretty great friend of mine in filmstagram @moviezent aka Sohan Shetty. The idealogy of how the character slowly loosing his sanity and has the nightmarish quality is pretty commendable. The black and white visuals are stellar and for a short film like this, I would say it is a pretty high standard visuals to comprehend the mood and the cohesion of the narrative.

    Good job my friend and definitely want to look forward to your next short films in future.

    Watch Amygdala on Youtube

  • good kid, m.A.A.d city

    good kid, m.A.A.d city

    This is a copy-pasta review of this album that I did on albumoftheyear.org. Enjoy!

    This album is full of everything. What I meant everything is full of emotions, full of experience that you visualise what Kendrick is saying. Feels like you are watching a movie that feels so connective in the most personal way. The skit is absolutely fits the narrative of the album andseeing how it progresses the next chapter feels like a storytelling at it's truest best. The…

  • Bheeshma Parvam

    Bheeshma Parvam


    Well, what should I say about Bheeshma Parvam? Amal Neerad give it's freedom to one of the greatest Indian actors of all time and gives what audience want and delivers every single time. Just to say that this is not a spoiler but at the start thanks credit, Amal thanked to Mario Puzo, Francis Ford Coppola, Vyasan and I believe he also thanked Mani Ratnam (should have written down the notes but anyways) and it's also an inspiration to Godfather.…

  • Licorice Pizza

    Licorice Pizza


    Whenever PTA announced the movie, fans of PTA included myself were excited how to movie is gonna appeal and it did. For various reason, there is something about Licorice Pizza is so colorful, eye-catching, charming and witty. It is really special and captures the style of this period and makes the film more relatable and pleasant experience.

    What makes the film's more pleasant experience is the how PTA captures the whole essence of the 60s. It feels like 60s with…

  • Ajagajantharam



    If you want an adrenaline rush experience, you got Ajagajantharam. If you want an action-packed experience, you got Ajagajantharam. If you want an anxiety inducing experience, you got Ajagajantharam. I wouldn't say it is a batshit crazy movie because it is not but more intense, you will always get the fear that what is going to happen. This movie has the inspiration of LJP's style of filmmaking and it's trademark which is expected considering that Tinu Pappachan is the assistant…

  • Kanye West: DONDA Experience Performance 2 22 22

    Kanye West: DONDA Experience Performance 2 22 22


    If the audio was not fucked up, then it would have been good.

  • Hridayam



    Hridayam for the most part is quite good. It is indeed for creating something nostalgia and wants to connect the perspective of how college life is amazing for its own way for something that Vineeth wants to create and of course audience liked it.

    While it is not the best Vineeth film in my opinion but you can tell how much of personality he wants to bring that audience wants to connect and delivers it. You can tell how much…

  • The Power of the Dog

    The Power of the Dog


    Jane Campion's The Power Of The Dog in many ways haunting. Haunting in a sense that kept me unhinged and stunned. It subtly tells you how discomforting and brutalises the whole subject matter. It is insane and tells how the screenplay slowly builds into the whole different way. I mean I don't know what to write about this because my head is not going anywhere after watching it.

    Like I said, the screenplay slowly builds the whole tension and slowly…

  • Spencer



    Spencer is a clear example where you should remove all the clichés and make it different with your take of this tragic tale of this character study. It is clearly an interesting film to watch because you might have not seen this clearly before for a biopic like this and Pablo Larrain is like "F*ck it, I'm gonna make my own take of Princess Diana" and was he delivered it? Absolutely. Like I said previously, it is a haunting tragic…

  • Gehraiyaan



    Ok, right of the bat, Gehraiyaan is weird. Like so weird in the most weirdest way possible. For the structure wise, it is very weird for what is going on and what is he telling for but dare do I say it is a pretty good movie. It is flawed, messy, complex and complicated. While this might not be his best Batra film till date but it is truly a surprise from going to a lowest expectations possible because of…

  • Offside



    Watched with @cinema_made

    Uff, what should I say about this? It is one hell of a ride. It is a pure love for football. A game that almost everyone will enjoy the ride, the thrill, the edges of the seats and has the passion for the sport which includes myself. It is not only just the game but it is a beautiful little messy game that you will always get excited for winning the match and you will always get…