Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★½

whew, okay. this is gonna be long. unfortunately, I already knew what was going to happen in the movie before watching it, but even without the surprise factor, this was still one of the most intense movie experiences I’ve had. it’s kinda brilliantly unsettling. frustrating and oddly satisfying at the same time. I had to stare at the void for good 10 minutes after the movie had ended just to process what I’d just watched. goddamn.

can’t praise emerald fennell enough for writing such a bold, subversive and thought-provoking story. carey mulligan was truly phenomenal and I hope she wins every single award for this performance. I know some people won't like the ending (before watching the movie I thought I was gonna hate it) but I feel that was exactly what emerald intended and now I can see why she did it and why it was necessary for the story. it’s shocking, and definitely not for everyone, but still necessary. it takes a bold and jarring turn in order to be heard and I respect that. this movie is a big ‘fuck you' in capital glittery pink letters to all the “nice guys” and all the “nice people” who would rather give the benefit of the doubt to a "good guy" than believe and support an actual victim. it’s about trauma, complicity and culpability and I really hope it will incite a much needed conversation or maybe just piss some people off 💋 

oh and the soundtrack? chef’s kiss.

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