The Florida Project

The Florida Project ★★★★½

for a child, the world is their big playground. they can wander freely and amuse their curiosities. their wild tricks are seen as harmless. for a child, the world is simple and safe.

for adults, the world is a big jungle. you hustle to live; to fill your belly and have a roof over your heads during the storm. once you stop, all hell breaks loose. you lose everything bit by bit. you have no choice but to work. for adults, the world is dangerous.

it is up to us adults to protect these children from the harsh realities of life. it is scary to taint their innocence just by exposing them to our dilemmas. as much as possible, we settle our businesses behind closed doors where a child can't come in.

the whole film radiates love and compassion!!! the protagonists in the florida project aren't prim and proper. they are crass and wild. they are imperfect and that's okay. the film never judges them for it. the film takes time in following their characters. we get to understand their situation. the finale is just heartbreaking and looking back at what entailed before that doubles the pain. i love how it never turned into a poverty porn and that sean baker handled this quite well.

what else? i love the cinematography!!! it's lush and grand without being too extravagant. that final sequence shot on digital is wonderful. the performances are great!!!! i just really love this film and i am glad i finally watched this.

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