• One More Chance

    One More Chance


    putangina kaya navavalidate toxicity sa relasyon ei putangina mo popoy at pagmamando mando mo

  • May December

    May December


    charles melton is the least i expected that would flourish in the riverdale cast. to act with acting giants, and considering how great natalie and julianne are in this film, must've been nerve wracking but he was able to act on their level. the amount of sympathy i immediately had in his character was immense and his performance kept my heart breaking for everything that has happened to him. that's great acting.

    todd haynes definitely made a very complex, very beautiful film that i would've loved to experience in a movie theater.

  • Perfect Days

    Perfect Days


    waking up even when the sun isn't up yet, you tend your mini garden and do your little routine. long hours on the road as you clean toilets on different locations. but you enjoy your old cassettes along with it. you eat lunch at your favorite place. you meet the occasional unusual people in your life. you come home. you read your little book. then you sleep.

    your routine varies depending on the day; depending on the circumstances you have…

  • Evil Does Not Exist

    Evil Does Not Exist


    man protects nature for it benefits from it. when tarnished, the soil of his homeland will be gone and replaced by something contaminated. maybe evil does not exist. maybe within us there is something good that will come forth once the opportunity is at your door.

    maybe it does. in a sense of sacrificing your morals.

  • Peter von Kant

    Peter von Kant


    fassbinder rolling on the grave coz oh

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  • Abutan man tayo ng house lights

    Abutan man tayo ng house lights

    mahihindian na rin kita. sa paglilim ng mga ilaw at paghina ng huni ng musika, ako'y lalayo na sayo. ngunit bago ko man iwanan ang 'yong presensya, hahayaan ko munang magsanib ang ating mga katawan sa bawat paghataw natin sa dance floor

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  • Microplastics


    may all this chemicals be expelled someday so i can breathe again

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  • A Catholic Schoolgirl

    A Catholic Schoolgirl

  • Tamgohoy
  • Animal Lovers

    Animal Lovers

    how something can be entertaining and somehow lack of substance at the same time

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  • Tumatawa Umiiyak

    Tumatawa Umiiyak

    equipped so much softness and love into it. prolly of one of my fave shirts this year
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  • Tiger Stripes

    Tiger Stripes


    tame the tiger with loving and care. caress its wounds and stripes with gentleness. play with the creature with radiant joy beaming behind your coy smiles. an animal can only take much prodding. violence enacted upon them will unleash something gnarly and dangerous in them. so be careful, you've been warned.

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