Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★½


I'm still processing this movie- so, give me some time to be able to discuss this.

This movie is great. It's a beautiful coming of age film about a certain time in your life that can really shape you- and then the realities of that event.

This movie is a really honest portrayal of someone who is really lost in their life, and the struggle in finding love and acceptance over just lust. This is something I've discussed several times, and I think this movie is a really interesting look at that concept.

I really like how the first half of the film is all just build up, and how slow paced this film is. It makes the Italy setting and these characters feel more, earned.

Not to mention, the absolutely euphoric score and songs in this film just scream melancholy.

That's really what this film is- melancholy. It's a look at a time of discovery in life that's scary, confusing and kinda sweet.

Personally, I'm straight. I've always liked girls and I always will- but, I've heard so many people talk about how they had to discover themselves, and that's a difficult process I can't imagine really being in.

That's why- like what is said at the end of this film, we really just need to be kind to one another and realize everyones path in life is different.

I'm not gonna lie- this was kinda a tough watch for me because of how intensely emotional it was. It kinda wrecked me. It's a beautiful film with lush cinematography, a layered script and some incredible performances. It will be everywhere during the Oscar season and should be.

In my opinion, the best parts were developing the relationships of these characters. Once things turn sexual, I understood the relevance but it just didn't grab me as much as the character building dialogue that was so good.

I dunno if it is something I could watch again- it's an intensely profound and beautiful movie- but, it is also just so tragic. It's a film about the longing of something special, something that will shape you forever.

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