Captain Marvel ★★½

The cat better defeat Thanos.

Captain Marvel is a movie that is controversial right now for some reason? I really dunno why, besides stupid gender politics. Brie Larson wants more diversity and that's awesome! Lets put all of that to the side though- I'm coming at this as just the film.

I really wanted to love this movie because I'm such a big fan of all the Marvel Cosmic Realm and have been since I was in Elementary. I thought the Secret Wars era with the scrolls is just fascinating and Captain Marvel is a cool character. I also *love* Brie Larson and was really excited she was in this.

Sadly, those underwhelming trailers were a self fulfilling prophecy. Captain Marvel is by no means a bad film. It messes with a lot of elements I adore. I love the weird cat they pick up, the banter between Carol and Fury is fun and the cheeky references to the 90's are a lot of fun.

Sadly, the film just has weak storytelling and no true sense of pathos. A lot of people complain that Marvel movies follow a very linear three act structure. Captain Marvel does subvert your expectations just a bit, but doesn't quite provide the payoff to do so. Things are set up and paid off in this movie in the span of minutes, therefore those true moments of awe and resonance that can be found in Marvels best are lost in translation here. I really didn't feel anything towards this movie but amusement.

It's absolutely worth seeing since it is a major stepping stone to Infinity War. In general, Samuel L Jackson and Brie Larson make this movie. I just think under a much better script and direction, the ideas presented here could have created a Guardians of the Galaxy tier film. As it is, it's fun but isn't anything groundbreaking.

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