In the Mood for Love

In the Mood for Love ★★★½

People might question my star rating here so I just wanna day it loud and clear- this movie is really good.

However- after watching Chungking Express (a film I absolutely loved) I was expecting this to be a bit more of a gut punch.

There’s no doubt this film is one of the most gorgeous looking films ever made. The color theory in this film is unreal. Every shot comes to life in such a vibrant way. The way the score and cinematography all come in to create such an inviting looking film. It’s nice, calming and warm environment. It adds to the melancholy of the whole thing.

The two leads are also very compelling and they have nice conversations. The pain can be shown just through their silence and expressions and I love when a director is able to say what doesn’t need to be said.

However- I just wanted to care more then I did. The film ended and I more so appreciated what the filmmakers accomplished but I was expecting this to really strike me emotionally. The ending- I just think is really abrupt. I feel as though we were just halfway through the movie and it ended. Maybe that’s the intention- these certain relationships and moments of our lives are only fragments. I think as a fragment- this is a gorgeous and inviting little film. I just wish there was more of it- but that’s better then the alternative I guess.

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