Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★

I first watched this a few years back and I didn't care for it much at all but I figured down the line I'd appreciate it more. Now, I feel more lost then ever when it comes to my personal life and struggling as an artist so I figured this would hit close to home and it kinda did but I'm still indifferent to the film.

I'd say I'm lukewarm to the film now. I love the music in it, the cinematography is absolutely stunning and Oscar Issacs is great. However, I just don't care enough about Llewyn Davis to really get that emotionally attached to the film. This is a very subjective thing. I know I bring it up all the time, but in Bojack Horseman I do care about Bojack even when he is obviously wrong and can be just a terrible human being. That show is able to show how everything is eating up in Bojack and how he wants to be good but he isn't capable of it.

This movie is just Llewyn kinda being a prick to some people and hen wondering why people won't give him work and like- I can probably tell him why. I get that's the point of the film, I just don't find it all that engaging as a viewer. I love like the first thirty to forty five minutes of the film but after that it just kinda wallows in self misery and I didn't find hardly any catharsis in Llewyns journey.

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