Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★★

Lady Bird is almost too hard hitting and relatable to me.

When this movie ended, I sat in my seat in absolute shock- I've needed this movie for a long time.

The best way I can describe this movie is a mix between The Edge of Seventeen and 20th Century Women, but, even better, funnier and more insightful then those two films (which is saying a lot.)

Lady Bird is a great look at coming of age, and the passage of time. Each and every moment in this movie counts, they all pay off in the bigger story.

Kinda like The Florida Project- this is another film that has an emotional reach that just hits you towards the end.

This movie, in simply just an hour and a half, felt like living through my own Senior Year again, simply put, I really needed this movie right now.

The way Greta Gerwig edits scenes together should not work and look sloppy, but, its anything but. She will cut before someone is done talking, or a song doesn't in, or fade into a conversation that is happening- and it just makes the entire film feel even more real then before.

This films writing is some of the best of the entire year. This film has so many layers, but, I was really concerned that Gerwigs voice would not fit these High Schoolers. I was wrong to have that fear- this movies language works so well, its really witty yet it feels authentic to the way these characters speak to one another. The execution is just perfect- and it could have gone so wrong if it was under worse direction.

Everything about this movie just hit home for me.

To start with- I understand Lady Bird on such an emotional level. When she talks about her problems Sacramento at the beginning and throughout the movie she slowly develops a bond with it, I could relate that with my hometown. I really like where I live but I also have a sort of wonderlust of wanting to go somewhere where more culture is going on.

There's a subplot involving theatre arts that I could for sure relate to as well. Their little theatre lingo and the stuff backstage and everything about that grabbed me and reminded me of my days in Shrek, which also made me feel more connected to this film.

The way this movie captures every moment of every holiday and the passage of time was something I really liked too, because I like to capture the mood and atmosphere of the seasons like this film does in my head as well.

It's just- really hard to say why I love this film so much without going into spoiler territory. I don't like to write spoiler reviews until my 2nd watch, so, maybe then I can go into more depth about why this movie means so much to me.

I will say though that this film completely captures that time in your life where you crave sympathy. A time in your life where, sure, your problems might be 1st world and even some of them are by your own doing, but, you just desire someone to say that you are okay and things will be fine. That being said- there's also that desire of someone needing to tell you to grow up and better present yourself, like the mother does in this film.

The dynamic between the daughter and mother is perfect here. They both love and care for one another and also both have different ideas about the way the world works. I love the fact that sometimes the mom can be wrong, sometimes Lady Bird can be wrong, sometimes they both can be wrong. This isn't a one sided movie, every relationship and plot point in this has shades of grey and how you react to them will depend on your own upbringing. That is what I believe the biggest accomplishment is in Lady Bird.

This movies 100% on Rotten Tomatoes makes total sense. There will be something in Lady Bird you will latch onto, and I believe it will be one to watch and be discussed for several years to come.

I just- I feel like there's more I need to say, but it's so hard to say exactly why this film is so great without just telling you everything that happens.

I'll leave you with this- at one point of the film, I had to pee so badly after drinking a large water and I sprinted to the bathroom. Pretty sure I beat the record for fastest pee in history of urination.

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