Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★

Holy crap. THAT was something else.

Marvel, I was a little worried when the thing happened where Edgar Wright left Ant-Man and we got a little above average blockbuster in its place, a mediocre at best Avengers sequel, a really well written Civil War movie that doesn't quite feel like the comic book adventure I would wanna watch again and again and a really cool looking movie about magic in Doctor Strange but ultimately a re-skinned version of Iron Man.

This year however, you've given us Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, a fun, bright, divisive and poignant piece of filmmaking, Spider-Man Homecoming, a charming, relatable John Hughes coming of age esque story and now Thor Ragnarock, a hilarious straight up 80's action movie homage and one of the most bright, colorful, inventive and strange blockbusters I've seen in a while.

This movie kicks so much butt. It's such a blast.

The characters are so great, the worlds are so big. This movie looks so epic. The shots and the cinematography are euphoric. The use of colors and the staging are just perfect. Visually, this is easily the best looking film Marvel has ever done, bar none. Unlike a lot of their films, this film looks like it came straight from Jack Kirbys imagination and his wonderful great color palette.

The story and characters are really well done too. Each of these characters have their moment to shine and their own little arcs. Hemsworth steals this movie, his comedic timing is on point and he's still able to sell his big hero worthy moments as well. Jeff Goldblum in this movie is such a great choice as well, he just chewed up the scenery and its great.

The Cate Blanchette villain is fine- a bit overpraised though. She was fun and hamming it up- but, everytime it cut back to her I felt less invested then with Thor and his story, and she's a typical, "wanna rule the world" type of villain. Better handled then like, Ultron, but, still no Loki or Ego.

Speaking of that- a lot of comparisons Thor is drawing to its color palette, humor and overall tone is Guardians of the Galaxy. Does it quite get on that level? No, not really.

While Waititi breathed new life into a dying franchise in the MCU, his often fast paced and quirky humor can get in the way of dramatic depth and character development that could ring more true. There are beats of emotion in this that work, but, it's more in the way how there's beats in Ghostbusters that work. This movie isn't one that will give you the feelios, it's just an absolute blast to watch.

I'm just glad Marvel let Waititi do what he wanted with a 100+ million budget. Waititi used all this monet to his absolute best, this movie is just astounding to look at and it feels just like an absolute cinematic experience. This movie reminds me why Blockbusters exist, and the feeling they can give you when they are working at their absolute best.

I would have never thought Thor 3, the third movie in a franchise with two pretty mediocre films, could come and give us one of the best, freshest and absolute most enduing films in the MCU, but, they have done it. 2017 has been the year that not only has defined MCU as major players in the future, keeping their formula fresh, but, Blockbusters in general. They all seem to have had more effort, rather it be Logan, It, Dunkirk, Blade Runner 2049, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 or heck even Baby Driver. I just remember shrugging through so many blockbuster films last year- so, I'm glad people like Waititi, who cares about style, vision and the movie making process was in charge of a world so big and vital. I'm hoping this is a step Marvel is taking realizing what a big missed opportunity they had with Edgar Wrights Ant-Man and they start creating fun, interesting and different movies that are so big, colorful and cinematic it has the same euphoric epic sense that Kirbys source material did.

Yeah, I really love this movie. Sure, it's not all that "deep" or even emotional; but, it's one heck of a good time at the cineplexes.

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