Your Name. ★★★★★

What. Did. I. Just. Witness.

This is this years Inception, but, will not be nearly as well watched, and only liked by a cult following of people. I already call it. This is a difficult film, a lot of normal audience members who see it will dismiss it as pretentious or dumb.

Man oh man is it not tho.

This film is not only gorgeous and inventive, but, it's really heartfelt. There is some real character building and depth here. You feel like you experience this film with our two protagonist, and you get a real grasp on who they are and how they change through these out of bodies experiences. It will change the way you perceive or look upon the world as well.

Also, it's genuinely funny at times too. This is a really enjoyable film, and then it gets really epic towards the end, and you are routing for our characters, screaming eternally in your head to please let everything work out okay because of how invested you are into the world and characters.

This is how you make a movie.

Amazing screenplay, beautifully inventive ideas and incredibly important and poignant to our day of age, this comes highly recommended.

Rating: A+ (Rating of Chipotle Burrito Bowl)

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