Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★½

okay I had a blast watching this for a couple reasons:
(1) jake gyllenhall is having a blast here. his fresh and serious performance suddenly turns manic, and it’s perfect. 
(2) the mysterio scenes were AMAZING. like, I haven’t seen such interesting and fun sequences like that in the live marvel stuff in a long long time. I guess I don’t want to spoil, but these scenes have layers and I’m so excited to rewatch for specifically those moments
(3) zendaya and tom are so cute and their chemistry is legit. the awkward tension totally works and I love them
(4) this one isn’t major, but there were glimpses of some really good pieces of score here! I liked how michael tried to bring in that techno/synth stuff we’ve been hearing from ragnorok and guardians. I could’ve used more of it tbh