Her Name Was Christa ★★★★

James L. Edwards is one of those names most people who closely follow microbudget, shot-on-video, indie and underground horror are familiar with. Having gotten his start in the productions of J.R. Bookwalter and Tempe Entertainment and collaborating with various rural Ohio based filmmakers, James has established himself as a respected name in the DIY gore and splatter world. Now James has taken on the job of directing.

His directorial debut is Her Name Was Christa. A creepy and perverse psychological thriller, Her Name Was Christa stars James as Stephen, a lonely and nerdy telemarketing worker looking to revive his love life. His friend recommends “The Girlfriend Experience” to him. The “experience” entails him trying his hand at meeting prostitutes to see where it takes him. He soon meets Christa and believes he’s found his one true love. Things seem perfect but it soon begins to unravel and take Stephen down a tragic path revealing him to be a truly disturbed individual.

Dark, grotesque and creepy, Her Name Was Christa is a fine directorial debut for Edwards. The film has touches of Nekromantik and some slight similarities to the works of underground filmmaker Dustin Mills. It shows that DIY filmmaking is alive and well and James has maintained his creative energies as an artist behind and in front of the camera. If you love underground horror, this one is definitely worth adding to your Blu-Ray collection.

Review by Mario Dominick