Everything Everywhere All at Once

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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

This was a amazing experience, the effects just Beatiful.

This was really funny, amazingly good executed and craftly godly goooood and oh my that wong kar wai signature reference oh my.
And omg i saw a minecraft sword to. bruh. lmao. and yea the rest of reference very well used.

This film is basically a modern kung-fu with sci-fi in a family comedy with some drama, and simply it just perfectly works.

The usage of love instead of violence in that final parts just lovely,oh and that rock scene were so ❤️

The runtime it's just perfect, i was thinking that 2 hours of film wasn't enough, but was indeed perfect, didn't wanted to end or even know how much of time was in or left.

i wanna rewatch asap, cause can't stop about this, and oh the soundtrack is still around in my head, and i hope nothing left on this review of everything I'm thinking about this film. hehe!

i think i can die now.

About the rating:
to be honest i would prefer give this film an 4.5 🌟 , cause of the overall of film, but instead i give the 5 🌟 cause there was so many little things that make me give the film the full rating.

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